The Ministries of First Christian Church Athens, Al


The First Christian Church Disciples of Christ believe that all Christians, men and women, have been called to some form of ministry.  Ministry takes on many forms and is not limited to the preacher or ministerial staff.  God has called each and everyone into fellowship and ministry with Him and one another.  Some of the types of biblical ministry are preaching, teaching, evangelism, singing, sharing, praying and encouraging.  The First Christian Church Athens, Alabama also recognizes the calling of elders and deacons as part of the spiritual leadership of the Church.


The Elders of First Christian Church Athens, Al


An Encouraging Word from the Elders of First Christian Church, Athens, Al.  Just like the water falls from the mountain side, Jesus is the fountain of living waters that flows for all of us.  The beauty in God’s creation often reminds of us His majesty, love, care and peacefulness.  So too, we are committed to caring and loving you and your family with a spirit of peace as God would have us.  God’s two greatest commandments are to Love Him and One Another in His Name not ours. The encouraging word is this: “There is no other name given to man under heaven by which we must be saved except through the name of Jesus” (Acts 4:12).

Heartfelt desire for you. May God touch your life and bless you and your family in ways that you cannot imagine.  May you walk with Him and may He carry you along the path of life. As elders, we believe that our primary role is to live for Jesus Christ and to encourage, uplift, and pray for the Church and His work. After all, a life that is dedicated to Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord, although not immune from the trials and troubles of life, is without a doubt the greatest life a person can live this side of heaven.  Our hearfelt desire for you is that you always remember: “You can do all things through Christ who strenghthens you” and God invites you to “Make all things known to Him through prayer and supplication”.

Just what is an elder?   The best way to answer that is first to clarify what an elder is not.  An elder is not one who is invasive, condesending, judgemental, nor a respector of persons.  Too often Church leaders fail to forget, its truly about Christ not us.  At First Christian Church, our leadership role is to lift people up not break them down, to promote unity and not division. Our desire is to serve through humility just as God told us: ” If someone wants to be first in the Kingdom of God, let them seek to be last with a humility like that of a child”.  As such, an elder is a spiritual leader who seeks to encourage, care, teach, pray and equip other Christians to serve Jesus and one another.

Ministries of the elders. The elders at First Christian Athens have many widespread ministries with two common goals:  Promote Loving God and Thy Neighbor.  In local assembly the elders offer prayer during the weekly communion service and particpate in various functions of the Church.  The elders are a cooperative part of the pastoral care of the Church to include visiting the sick and shut-in’s, praying, encouraging, teaching, and preaching the gospel. Elders also serve on the Church Board to promote the spiritual well being of the Church and encourage others to serve God with their gifts and talents.